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Fly Alitalia, making Italy fly


Alitalia keeps up its commitment to make Italy fly. The airline which has flown millions.

With 630 flights a day to 83 destinations all over the world, Alitalia confirms its position as a leader in supporting the country’s mobility and economic growth by means of a campaign entitled “Fly Alitalia, make Italy fly”. In this way, all those who are planning to travel are encouraged to fly Alitalia, since the Company offers more flights that anyone else in Italy, as well as highly competitive fares giving customers a wide range of choices.
The campaign “Fly Alitalia, make Italy fly” also fosters the sense of belonging and the empathy aroused by the Alitalia logo, one of the few brand names in the world with such a strong “national” flavour. The name Alitalia means Italy, thanks to the Company’s strong identity.
The communications campaign is not the only tangible sign of the commitment that the people in Alitalia pursue daily in their efforts to improve the quality offered to
customers. These signs can be seen in the area of onboard and airport services with new features which are available for customers now, but which we have been working on for some time. These include improved catering on the Fiumicino-Linate with morning brioches and evening aperitifs; the new Freccia Alata lounge at terminal C, Fiumicino, and the two new Freccia Alata lounges at Linate which will open by the end of May.
These improvements go together with the close attention that is paid to aspects that
have always distinguished Alitalia’s experience and know-how, such as onboard safety
and aircraft maintenance. They represent the Company’s strong points and have never lacked the care and attention of our personnel.

Vienna -  Barcelona

98 EUR

Vienna -  Copenhagen

123 EUR

Vienna -  Nice

99 EUR

Prague -  Abu Dhabi

233 EUR

Vienna -  Amsterdam

148 EUR
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45 EUR


22 EUR


40 EUR


13 EUR


21 EUR


36 EUR


17 EUR


25 EUR

Los Angeles

28 EUR


51 EUR


34 EUR

Los Angeles

28 EUR


25 EUR


33 EUR


45 EUR
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Bratislava -  Sardínia

139 EUR

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